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Welcome to E-Manai

Blogs Vlogs & Products


E-Manai offers real world experience and earth-friendly products to help you live a balanced natural lifestyle based on Vedas and Ayurveda principles.

Explore our blogs and vlogs to help you build your good habits for a healthy life.


Gemstones & Jewellery

E-Manai has unique range of gemstones & jewellery available to buy online. Explore the back story behind each rare gemstone and each piece of jewellery.


Vedas Yoga & Meditation

Aim for enlightenment with Yoga & Meditation, featuring videos of yoga poses, which are vedic, traditional and shoulin based.


Ayurveda Health & Wellness

Ayurveda is a healing system which includes the whole being – mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.


Events & Yoga Retreats

Yoga is a combination of the physical practice of asanas, breath work, mental exercises, meditation for peace of mind, a better body and sanity in a frantic world.

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