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  • There is a constant battle between allopathetic and alternative health practices as to "which is better".... Perhaps the better approach is that there is room for both! Here is an article by Tess Ryan, University of Melbourne, Australia - Time to BIG NOTE indigenous Health Leaders - which is looking at integrating the health knowledge of the indigenous Aboriginal people into everyday health clinics.

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  • "Clense, tone and moisturise" the three classic words that all beauty therapists and beauty product producers promote and it is engrained into the instead of having 3 different products, consider just one product rose water. Cleopatra, Helen of Troy, Bathsheba The Queen of Jansi all these beauties of ancient times are reputed to have used rose water in all their beautification processes so why not try it today. I will be exposing all the rose water myths and secrets in the coming weeks. In the meantime if you want ot get the best rose water in my opinion - Petals of the Valley Rose Water

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